For more than thirty years (1981-2012) I made radio documentaries for CBC Radio’s Ideas series.  The most recent of the more than 250 programmes remain available on the Ideas website, but the rest languish unknown, unheard and inaccessible in the CBC Archives.   Because the means are now available to keep these public broadcasts in circulation, I have developed this site in order to share this work with students, scholars and interested members of the public.  From time to time I will post and introduce a new series until all this work is archived and available.  The podcast index lists the interviewees in every programme on the site.  Links will connect you to the series that remain available from Ideas.  Under Works you can find a catalogue of my books, articles and lectures, along with a complete and chronological inventory of my broadcasting work since 1980.  The Blog presents current reviews, lectures, and other occasional writings.  The Transcripts page has transcriptions of most of the series I've posted.   The CBC began making and selling transcripts of Ideas series in 1982 and gradually phased out this business after 2006, so there are some series from before and after these dates that are unavailable.  There are also a few that I have only in hard copy.  I will scan these and add them, as time allows.